Means without end


Wael Shawky – Everything at once. 180 The Strand

Al Araba Al Madfuna – Wael Shawky

This was the work that really stood out at the Lisson gallery show in the Strand.  All the roles are played by children whose voices are dubbed into arabic spoken by adult actors.  The video is in negative, and the sepia tones of the desert and buildings are in shades of purple.

Very interesting in terms of intermedial strategy. Child actors speaking with adult voices,  the use of negative imagery.

Overall I found the alientating effect to be possibly too all pervasive, especially the use of negative throughout which didn’t offer any contrast.

Anything to learn from this?  films of Gianikkian and Ricchi Lucchi?



Research paper and project proposal

The research paper has on reflection and without any kind of conscious intention, provided a theoretical context for the original project proposal. It has enabled me to better understand the complicated discourse around intermediality and how that can be interpreted via Agamben’s gestural theory. It has opened up a way of thinking about my practice that integrates ideas around improvisation and embodiment in a way that was originally lacking. The original proposal’s focus on the model is actually quite compatible with this theory but can be seen as one aspect of it, part of the whole.

I am now going to reformulate the project proposal in such a way that it reflects the opportunities and broader picture opened up by the research paper. The research paper can thus act as a kind of media-philosophical framework for my studio practice.