Voyage on the North Sea 3 – Technology

In a previous post I identified possible problems with the notion of obsolescence as articulated in Voyage on the North Sea.

As an alternative I am exploring various ways of engaging with technology in artistic practise. The following points come to mind.

Artistic practice historically has always had a technological aspect, albeit within the context of the culture of the time.

The context with which technology is employed at any time can be investigated within an media archaelogical framework.

More broadly the dispositif is an alternative way of articulating and critiquing the broader context of the technology within culture.

On a philosophical level, much higher level positions could be taken, at the risk of requiring considerable reimagining within the context of a given practice. I am currently exploring Agamben and Notes on Gesture as a means of thinking about media and intermediality.

In applying the above methodologies it is probably necessary to consider to what extent  concepts really do travel from the broader humanities into the fine art domain.

None of the above are straightforward in application but may form a basis for taking a more nuanced approach which can encompass current digital technologies rather than exclude them as commercially compromised or unamenable to a deeper engaged position ( a la Krauss).