Comments from the Skype chat on my midpoint review video

Comments from the Skype chat on the midpoint review
[14/03/2017, 12:04:08] Manolis: the animated work in fascinating. creating such  complexity from simple techniques and materials
[14/03/2017, 12:05:15] Inga Linevičiūtė: I really love the animated photograms. You have discovered something very beautiful
[14/03/2017, 12:06:19] Arhum  Al-Rahman: I really like the imagery created through these works, very different, unique and captivating
[14/03/2017, 12:06:23] neslihanb: yes like Manolis said creating something complex by using simple materials I like the simplicity
[14/03/2017, 12:06:43] Nancy Jo Ward: How does he see these photograms integrating with his photography and film work? Is he aware how the sense of scale seems to change with the animated photograms – like we are under the structure and it seems huge? Exciting possibilities. Especially with color!
[14/03/2017, 12:09:45] Will Clarke: Sculpture generating film , this is a great personalized digital analog hybrid process , with a very personalized result , – the Utopian promise in obsolescence , trying to figure out what this means , maybe it means the antique nature of the process is giving a retro futurist result, not sure , but really getting me thinking
[14/03/2017, 12:13:43] Nancy Jo Ward: deifying the average, I like that. making sacred experiences
[14/03/2017, 12:14:19] Jonathan Kearney: comment from Miriam:
‘digital photograms, despite their abstraction, generate a material and tactile imagery quite different from lens based images.This reminds me the conversation with the technic staff during the dark room workshop,he mentioned an artist’s words,I can’t remember the original sentence,but I guess it was saying that all the meanings of photos are just in front of you .I thought that enhance the photograms itself,the texture of paper ,the image that is in front of us,rather than the moment of taking it.’
[14/03/2017, 12:14:50] Zara Allen: fantastic images and a really engaged critical outlook in his blog. I wonder whether he has read vision in motion by Laszlo nagy
[14/03/2017, 12:15:43] Jonathan Kearney: Zara, I think he has but I will mention it and he will get these comments as well