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Nice idea, but….the radios detune each other if they are too close – as in the interim show!   Something for another day?

Dust – papers

Dust and media

CABINET : The Magic Lake

CABINET : The Dusty, the Sticky, and the Greasy

CABINET : Stardust Memories CABINET : Something in the Air

CABINET : Pulverulence

CABINET : A Dry Black Veil

A handful of Dust A Handful of Dust From the Cosmic to the Domestic David Campany

Chance and improvisation – papers


The Act of Improvisation within the Work of Tacita Dean

Improvisation and the Creative Process- Dewey, Collingwood, and the Aesthetics of Spontaneity

The Chance Ornament: Aphorisms on Gerhard Richter’s Abstractions – ProQuest

“Fortuna”- neither programme nor chance in the making of images

On the gradual formation of thoughts in the process of speech

The Fun Palace as Virtual Architecture Cedric Price and the Practices of Indeterminacy

Landgraf Review

CABINET :: Stumbling Over:Upon Art