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Research Paper


This research paper is directed towards understanding how artistic media and technology can most effectively be employed in contemporary practice, particulary in intermedial installation art.  I develop an approach to intermediality that draws from Giorgio Agamben’s gestural theory and introduce the concept of the intermedial gesture as a means of understanding the ways in which a variety of artists use intermediality critically within their practice. This is then illustrated in the work of six artists; William Kentridge, Marcel Broodthaers, Paul Sietsema, Vera Lutter, David Claerbout and Susan Morris.   The intermedial gesture seems to be a productive approach to understanding how media can be articulated within contemporary art and also points to a possible application within a transdisciplinary artistic research activity.

Andrew Farley MA Fine Art Camberwell Research paper FINAL 2017_10_24

Wael Shawky – Everything at once. 180 The Strand

Al Araba Al Madfuna – Wael Shawky

This was the work that really stood out at the Lisson gallery show in the Strand.  All the roles are played by children whose voices are dubbed into arabic spoken by adult actors.  The video is in negative, and the sepia tones of the desert and buildings are in shades of purple.

Very interesting in terms of intermedial strategy. Child actors speaking with adult voices,  the use of negative imagery.

Overall I found the alientating effect to be possibly too all pervasive, especially the use of negative throughout which didn’t offer any contrast.

Anything to learn from this?  films of Gianikkian and Ricchi Lucchi?