Screen as threshold

With the project  focused on liminality I have needed to consider how screen based installations (my preferred form of presentation) might work in this context.

Thinking of the screen as threshold is helpful – as an architectural element that separates private and public space etc.

In terms of media theory, I now realise that the intermedial gesture is a kind of dynamic  threshold condition, moving between being in a medium and the staging of a medium (outside).

In terms of ‘spectatorship’ the intermedial gesture maps on to a region between cinematic viewing (being in a medium) and structural film (staging of a medium).

These slides are from the research paper presentation

I am exploring a two screen configuration to explore this threshold condition.  This seems practical for the final show and defines a space between the screens which is not completely surrounded by screen and can be entered from a number of directions.

The following slide shows how the space infront of the screens can be activated by projecting a shadow from an object (what it is will depend on many factors) onto each screen A and B.  The effect of this would be to return the ‘visitor’ to the space around the object in which the screens become walls.