The Last Chapter in the History of the World

Summarises my view on artistic research perfectly….

Chapter 10 Nudities  ‘The Last Chapter in the History of the World’ – Agamben

“in the Marionette or in God”  von Kleist  (Agamben’s quote)

“The ways in which we do not know things are just as important and perhaps even more important  as the ways in which we know them. There are ways of not knowing…that lead to clumsiness and ugliness, but there are others – the unselfconsciousness of Kleists young man (this is a ref to on the puppet theatre) – whose completeness we never tire of admiring…

We could say what is most intimate and nourishing does not take the form of science but of grace and testimony..

Perhaps a zone of non-knowledge does not exist at all, perhaps only its gestures exist..

As Kleist understood so well, the relationship with a zone of non-knowledge is a dance”.