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Means without end-Google screen shot

This is a screenshot of a Google books view of Agamben’s Means without end, showing anonymous scanner operator in view.



Autonomy and media specificity

Introduction to Adorno

Historical Dialectics and the Autonomy of Art in Adorno’s Ästhetische Theorie

The Specificity of Media in the Arts

The Social Significance of Autonomous Art- Adorno and Bürger

Persistent Autonomy and Romanticism

On Medium Specificity And Discipline Crossovers In Modern Art


Automatism, Causality and Realism- Foundational Problems in the Philosophy of Photography

Aesthetic Autonomy- Tracing the K antian Legacy to Olafur Eliasson*

Walter Benjamin – references

1. Benjamin – What is Epic Theater 2nd 1939

1. In Odradek_s World Bare lIfe and HIstorIcal MaterIalIsm In Agamben and Benjamin

Understanding Brecht -Benjamin

1. What is epic theatre? (1) -Benjamin

1. Benjamin Reading Kafka On language as such and the language of Man – Benjamin

1. Franz Kafka

1. Body and Image Space Re-reading Walter Benjamin

1. Language-and-mimesis-in-Benjamin Aesthetics and Anaesthetics- Walter Benjamin’s Artwork Essay Reconsidered

1. The Configurations of Art, Media and Politics in Walter Benjamin’s Materialistic Aesthetics

1. Return of the Sign to the Body- Benjamin and Gesture in the Age of Retheatricalization

Gesture- Kafka’s means to silence

1. The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction

1. Surrealism- the Last Snapshot of the European Intelligentsia