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Flatbed photography – shardscape

These larger scale flatbeds are photomerge composites of 8-12 overlapping photographs.

The camera moves above the flatbed on a linear track (necessary to maintain perspective) with focal length setting the FOV and aperture setting the DOF.

Large images in terms of pixels – unto 40,000 in length…difficult to handle and send to the printers but well suited in theory to banner printing on inkjet printers.

Flatbed processes

The flatbed process – started with fluid bed series in May.

A kind of intermedial testbed for ideas also leading to final work.

Extend to include a kind of inclusive drawing process where a horizontal strip of paper is used as a substrate – leading to a book, poster, film, score.

Camera on a gantry  (rostrum style) can be used to photograph areas of the strip, print on inkjet and then reincorporate into strip. Layered or 3D (model).  Link to architectural models.

Improvised process.

Camera could also be mounted on a motorised stage hung from gantry for shooting video and stop motion , animation.

Materials – laser cut birch ply, paper, rice paper, bamboo paper, acrylic etc.