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Marey and Janssen

I now realise that Marey got the idea for Chronophotography from Janssen who used the technique to photograph the transit of venus.

Here the problem was to capture the right moment rather than measure motion as such.

There is an animated sequence of the transit on Youtube which could be regarded as the first film – although was never seen as such.

Photogrammetry and Marey

Marey combined multiple exposures from the same camera position to trace motion of an object, person.  The picture of the object/person was unimportant.

In photogrammetry pictures taken by a camera moving around an object are combined to form a 3D surface reconstruction.  The motion is a means to an end, to create a 3D map of the object.


Trace – articles


Zummer talks about the complexity of images and trace in particular


This is a broad philosophical treatment of trace


Media archaeological treatment of chronophotography


Role of trace in philosophy of Levinas


Applies concept of trace to science and experimentation


James Elkins explores the concept of figure ground from various perspectives.  I contrast the concet of figure ground in art with the role of trace in science/history and other evidence based discipline.

Notes from train to Manchester

Image analysis

Radiologist versus CAD- artificial intelligence

Automation of the trace- image as data

Shadows – aerial photography. Archaeology- finding graves from shadows early evening aerial photos

Marey as early form of image analysis – interested in Motion.

Aerial photography- topography and architecture.

Possible research into image quantification to the present day.
Another example Orford Ness – bomb ballistics and the camera obscura – tracing the trajectory. From Marey to aerial surveys to the photogrammetry of negatives – machines
Another example – Farocki’s film about Auschwitz aerial photographs

Marey -Braun book frontispiece

From Marta Braun – Etienne-Jules Marey