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Portland notes 2 – Ghost in the machine

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at some point a trace cannot be distinguished – figure ground problem.  The ground can be viewed as noise and the trace -signal.

link also to forensics

Traces can be linked to narrative – a positivist view of history – evidence.

The spectre is associated with noise (haunted media)  breakdown or technology

Ghost in the machine.

Spectrality – Disputed chronology – neither present nor absent

Notes from train to Manchester 4

Negative – light exposes dark. Day to Night. Materialistic view of photography – grounding

spectral aspects in material. Dialectic that maps on to dualistic thinking.
Photomicrography of the negative. Stain of light.
Scanning a macro lens or objective over a negative. Link to the Blow-up.
Grain of the image – grain of the voice. Grain becomes noise. Tape and grains- background noise.

Hissing snake- the serpent. Air escaping from a hole. Aperture stop.

Noise – figure. Ground. Measuring a signal image in noise. Falling dust composite video.
The impossible image – limits of technology.
The impossible film.

Relation to Antonioni- Crossing the Tibor.

img_0005-copy-invertedbPhotographs of hematite powder on a surface, inverted and manipultated in photoshop.  Areas randomly selected displaced and blended.  Could be automated.

A kind of texture field, noise rather than structure.