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Portland notes 1

Trace and conceptual blending – Marey’s photographs are blended films

link to the buddhist monk ascending descending hill problem as solved by conceptual blending – film 1 goes up hill, film2 goes down hill.  Superpose films.

link between negative, casting and trace.

Rachael Whiteread –  cast of a space or mould for a wall? positive or negative?  traces on the wall

a bit like a daguerreotype – could be negative or positive depending on the angle or perspective from which it is viewed.

A negative may not be spectral (ref Vera Lutter).  A spectre is in-between positive and negative.




Casting- Rachael Whiteread



Both these articles deal with Ghost in some detail.  There are references to trace – making traces solid.

What is interesting is that the traces are in the walls and the cast of the space creates a mould of the trace, but a cast of the space.

Theses casts seem to hover between positive and negative, like a daguerrotype.


Also deals with positive and negative spaces, the body, casting etc.


links Whiteread with spirit photography..