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Index, diagram, trace

Found an interesting bunch of papers in Tate papers No18 about the relationship between trace, diagrams and the index.  Will use this material in the revised project proposal, which I think is going to be part text – part diagram.

becoming-machine-surrealist-automatism-and-some-contemporary-instances-tate wavelength-on-drawing-and-sound-in-the-work-of-trisha-donnelly-tate drawing-in-the-dark-tate index-diagram-graphic-trace-tate

Desiring Diagrams


“In the course of Time, these Extensive maps were found somehow wanting, and so the College of Cartographers evolved a Map of the Empire that was of the same Scale as the Empire and that coincided with it point for point.”

-Jorge Luis Borges, “Del Rigor en la Ciencia”, 1946.

Could be best thing about this paper is this quote but I like the link between situationist cartography, and Deleuzian diagrams.