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casting pigmented wax into vinamould

Casts of driftwood found on Chesil beach.



Casting- Rachael Whiteread



Both these articles deal with Ghost in some detail.  There are references to trace – making traces solid.

What is interesting is that the traces are in the walls and the cast of the space creates a mould of the trace, but a cast of the space.

Theses casts seem to hover between positive and negative, like a daguerrotype.


Also deals with positive and negative spaces, the body, casting etc.


links Whiteread with spirit photography..

The photographic negative and casting- articles


Degas’ amazing photographic negatives – used composite images and combinations of negative and positive.



Deals with relation between casting and photographic printing


Very good article by Jonathan Crary about Lutters work which also deals with the photographic negative and its relation to spectrality.

Also have copy of George Baker’s The Black Mirror – on Paul Sietsema. (October 158, Fall 2016) Very interesting writing on the negative (and on Sietsema in general) for example

“suspended between negative and positive, Degas’ between images body forth the negative as medium, middle space relay between photograph and object, camera and image. But in this ‘medium’ we find something medium specificity was never supposed to allow: the opening, through inversion, of photography to film, drawing, writing, even to sculpture ( as cast, double, ….it is this afterimage of the afterimage, this opening of the open image, that Sietsema has claimed in his play with the negative today.”

On Anticultural positions

” …this is a film that establishes a position on photography as a model of reverberation, transformation, involution, and reversal, a structure of self-difference, spreading to all the cognates-such as history and memory-that photography will support….place us in the realm of the index, the material trace, the accident and the residue that photography has long been considered to embody and perhaps to prioritise”

” we thus arrive in the end, at another meaning of the word medium.  Beyond matrix or material – beyond even the notion of a medium as hybrid, as middle-space, as neither-nor- a medium is also simply this: a seer, a psychic, a visionary.  A medium is a vehicle of visions”

sietsema-untitled-figure-ground-study-facing-german-suffering untitled-figure-ground-study-degasobama