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Spectrum – spectrality

The word spectrum derives from the latin for ghost.

The spectrum is also a kind of trace, an operation in which  a parameter (frequency, mass, etc) is displayed and analysed within a continuum.

Trace and audio walks

Janet Cardiff’s audio walks

a kind of conceptual blend in which a layer of sound is overlain an urban walk.

Is trace a fundamental aspect of intermedial  processes – that which is passed on as a trace?

Paul Sietsema is a good example of an artist using intermedial processes

David Claerbout

David Claerbout – Algiers – sections of a happy moment. Projected slideshow

A kind of conceptual blend in which a single moment is constructed from multiple pictures taken from different viewpoints and projected as a slide show.

Turns out to be ‘impossible’  because even with 100 cameras around the scene the cameras themselves would appear in the pictures. In the actual slide show no cameras are visible.

The work is in fact a digital reconstruction, each photograph references the other and is constructed from a series of composited elements.

Agamben- articles and books


Agamben’s take on Time – to be read later


Agamben on Warburg.  Links directly to Notes on Gesture and his theory of the image.



Janet Harbord (see also book on Agamben) discusses Claerbout in the context of Agamben and film philosophy.



Good treatment of Agamben’s Kafka


Main Agamben article on film.



One of two or three essays on gesture


Short essay on early photography – ref by Harbord



Alex Murray’s book.  Need to read it all, but this deals with Gesture and film.


Janet Harbord – to be read, along with the book.