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The Dead house studio, Portland

The Dead house studio is 50m from Chesil beach.  I have arrived in the past with a storm raging on the beach.  The sound of the waves breaking formed a deep drone through the night.

It was originally a fishing and boat store, occasionally usedas a mortuary during the 19 century after shopwrecks left bodies on the beach.

Judith rents the studio to other artists and friends – otherwise it is her personal studio.  Ranters lodge is next door.


The liminal studio

Portland notes

The liminal studio – a kind of mobile studio that can be setup anywhere. In transitional places

The Deadhouse –  liminal studio in Portland

Improvisation in materials and place.

A Portland project.

Need to develop (technically)

Portable lighting – for LED torches, also flash lights

Portable motion control – for camera and models

also battery power unit (mains)

RGB floodlights for outdoor lighting